E111 form

What is the E111?

Possession of a valid E111 form acts as a document of proof that you are entitled to free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment within the European Economic Area (EEA).

This area covers member states of the EU and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. By carrying this form in the case of a medical emergency, you are entitled to the same treatment as natural citizens.

Am I entitled to one?

Most probably, yes. Eligible parties include:

  • UK residents and nationals.
  • A national of any other EEA.
  • A stateless person or refugee.
  • A widow receiving a UK state pension or Widow Benefit whose late husband was a national of an EEA country at the time of his death


Do I have to pay for it?

No, E111 forms are free to all residents of the UK, they are widely available at all Post Offices throughout the UK.
Once you've collected and filled in the brief E111 form, you must get it validated at the post office.

How long is an E111 valid?

Indefinitely, as long as you remain a resident of the UK. In the instance that you make a claim on your current E111, then you will need to collect and validate a new form.

Important points to note

An E111 is NOT a substitute for travel insurance, and should not be considered as a cheap alternative. An E111 will only cover you in an emergency situation. Remember an E111 is only valid in EEA countries.

Do not assume that the government provided health care when travelling is the same as in the UK. It may not be as extensive or meet the exacting levels you are used to within Britain. To provide the best level of cover always take out your own travel insurance policy as well.