TravelInsurance4less jargonbuster



A sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific, violent, external event which results in a Loss.


A person aged 19 or over.

Assistance Services

Services offered by the Medical Assistance Company including making suitable medical arrangements, assistance for children at Home, advance for Bail Bonds, transmission of emergency messages.



The amount payable in respect of a covered claim



Cancellation of the Trip resulting from an unforeseen occurrence.


A person aged 18 or under.

Claims Handler

The loss adjusters named on the policy certificate.

Close Business Associate

A person working for the same company and in the same office as the Insured or Travelling Companion.


A legally married couple both aged under 65; a common law husband and wife both aged under 65; an adult couple both aged under 65 who have been cohabiting for at least one year.


To cut short the Trip by returning Home earlier than the planned date of return.


Date of Issue

Date shown on the quote or policy certificate as to when it was issued.



The part of each and every claim which is the responsibility of the Insured.



A legally married couple both aged under 65; a common law husband and wife both aged under 65; a single parent; an adult couple both aged under 65 who have been cohabiting for at least one year, with up to three children aged 18 years under (or 21 in full time education).


General Exclusion

Something which is not covered by the insurance and relates to every section of the Policy.



The Insured being detained against their will by Hijack on an aircraft or sea vessel.


The Insured's place of residence in the British Isles.

Hospital Sundries

The amount payable for each 24 hour period the Insured is a hospital in-patient.



Persons shown on the quote or policy certificate.


Legal Expenses

Costs incurred by the Insured in pursuit of legal proceedings against third parties.

Level of Cover

The amount up to which the Insured is covered under any particular Section of the Policy.


Death, Loss of One or More Limbs or Both Eyes or Permanent Disability.

Loss of Both Eyes

The complete and irrecoverable loss of sight of both eyes.

Loss of Passport

Costs for temporary travel documents and reasonable travel and accommodation expenses necessarily incurred to replace the Insured's lost or stolen passport.

Loss of One or More Limbs

Loss by physical severance of a hand at or above the wrist or a foot at or above the ankle.


Medical Assistance Company

The assistance company named on the policy Certificate.

Missed Departure

Arriving at the British Isles or International departure point too late to commence the Trip as booked.

Money and Documents

Bank and currency notes, coins, travel and admission tickets, accommodation and meal vouchers, petrol coupons for private purpose.


Period of Insurance

The time and date in which the insurance is effective.

Permanent Disability

Disability caused directly from an Accident which results in incapacitation for 12 or more consecutive months .

Personal Accident

Death or permanent disability.

Property and baggage

Personal property taken or purchased on the Trip by the Insured.

Personal Liability

Legal liability for accidental injury to a third party and/or accidental damage to their property.

Piste Closure

Where skiing is prohibited for a period in excess of 12 hours.



Spouse, fiance(e), parent, parent-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, child, grandchild.


Returning Home as a result of accidental injury or illness.


Ski Equipment

Skis, ski sticks, ski bindings, ski boots, snowboards.

Ski Hire

Ski equipment hired due to loss, damage or delay of the Insured's ski equipment.

Ski Pack

Unused ski pass, ski hire or tuition fees resulting from accidental injury, sickness or loss/theft of ski pass.

Specific Exclusions

Something which is not covered by the insurance and relates only to a particular section of the Policy .


Territorial Limits

Geographical areas or countries shown on the quote or policy certificate

Travel Delay

The delay of a flight or English Channel crossing.

Travelling Companion

The person whom the Insured has booked to travel with.


Period of travel.


Unforeseen Occurrences

Unexpected happenings (as listed in Policy Terms and Conditions) which lead to the cancellation or curtailment of a Trip.



Cameras, photographic apparatus, video equipment, stamps, documents, dentures, hearing aids, furs, binoculars, tape recorders, cassettes and players, radios, compact discs and players, computers and accessories, mobile phones, video games and TV sets.