Frequent Questions

1. I am a non-UK citizen. Can I take out your insurance?

YES as long as you are resident in the UK. Soon we will be providing insurance to residents of other European countries.

2. I am a non-UK resident. Can I take out insurance?

Unfortunately we cannot provide travel insurance to residents of other countries at this moment in time. Soon we will be providng insurance to residents of other European countries.

3. I or another person in my party has a serious medical condition. Can you cover me?

In over 80% of cases we cover people fully at no additional premium. Before purchase you will be asked a few questions about your health. If you answer yes to any of these questions the purchase process will prompt you to complete a medical declaration form. The form is then sent to our medical desk staffed by trained nurses and doctors who will make a descision on your cover.

They will e-mail you within 24 hours giving you a decision as to whether we can cover you for your medical condition along with a medical reference number. If you would like to buy our policy re-complete the quotation and sales process remembering to input you medical reference number to gain cover.

Please note that your medical details will be treated in the strictest confidence and are never passed to anyone else without your consent.

4. What is a Single Item, Pair or Set Limit?

Typically the policy will have a limit on how much you can claim for a Single Item (such as a T-shirt). Also there will be a limit on Pair's and Set's (such as a pair of shoes).

5. What is the Valuables Limit?

Typically our policy will have a limit on how much you can claim for Valuables. The policy wording states the definition of Valuables but it will include cameras, video and audio equipment, sunglasses and jewellery. If your valuables exceed the policy limit we would suggest increasing the cover on your home contents policy to include these higher value items whilst on holiday.

6. What is a policy excess?

The policy excess is standard throughout travel insurance. It is an amount that we will deduct from the total amount of your claim before payment. The excess enables us to keep the cost of insurance down.

7. What is Repatriation?

If you have an accident or fall ill we may pay to return you home or to a hospital in the UK if our doctors deem it is medically appropriate.

8. How do we pay you for loss or damage to Baggage?

Our standard policies will pay you the current market value of your lost or damaged items to the amount shown in the schedule.

9. Why do we offer such good value?

We are the UK's only fully on-line insurer and can therefore pass on the cost savings directly to you, the customer.

Statutory Rights

By entering into a contract of insurance you will take on certain obligations and grant certain powers to the insurer. Nothing contained in this contract affects your statutory rights as a consumer.